Betania KirkeCenter wants to be an inclusive community, who wants to communicate faith in Jesus. We want to serve Jesus and be His followers. All of this we do to worship Him.

We build our vision on the Gospel according to Matthew 22:34-40 and 28:18-20


We see a community:

• That includes all generation

• That cares for each another

• Where it is good to be

We see communicating faith:

• That is based on the Word of God, the Bible, love and grace.

• That is real and trusthworthy with respect for the individual

We see ministries:

• Where the individual uses and develops his God-given potential, in order to build up each other and to advance the kingdom of God.

• That are all equally important.

• That are built on integrity, faithfulness and love.

We see followers of Jesus:

• Who act upon the vision and gifts that God gives them

• Who are grounded in faith upon God’s word.

• Who are examples of and who inspire others to be followers of Jesus.

We see worship with:

• Freedom for various creative forms of expression.

• Focus on Jesus

• Time and space for the work of the Holy Spirit